Standard Modpack Permission Reqs


This page covers the general modpack rules and guidlines for mods created by Built Broken Modding and Gaming. Make sure to read the entire page and any supporting documents if you plan to make a modpack with any mods created by the BBM Team.


Mods this page applies towards

**Just ask if the mod is not listed**

  • Voltz Engine
  • ICBM
  • Single Block Mods

Automatic Permission

Due to how difficult it was to keep up with permission requests we no longer require permissions for modpacks. However, you still need to follow our modpack guidelines and rules. This way users get the best experience possible while enjoying the mods we make.

Mods we don't allow in packs

  • Creations - by client's request
  • Minecraft JUnit - this is a dev only tool
  • VoltzEngineEssentials - should be installed by a server admin


At any time we can revoke your permission with or without reason or notification. Normally this will only happen if you violate our pack's rules, Built Broken Modding EULA, Minecraft EULA, copyright laws, US law, or abuse users. If your permissions are revoked we will try to notify you but are not required. If your permissions are revoked you can make corrects to your modpack and apply for an appeal. Once your permission is revoked you will have a limited time to remove the mods from violating modpack. You are not required to remove old version but all new updates should no longer supply the mod. If the mod is not removed the hosting site will be notified of the violation.

Custom Mod Versions

We ask that you get approval for custom versions before using them in your packs. This is honestly just a formatlity so we can ensure the customations are not harmful to users.

Once you get approval you need to follow these guidelines

  • You need to change the version # and name of the mod to say custom-yourName or custom-modpackName
  • You need to notify us your using a custom version
  • You need to notify us when you stop using a custom version
  • You need to notify users of the modpack the version is custom
  • You need to notify users and BBM staff of the changes you make
  • Make sure users of the modpack come to you about bugs first
  • Any bugs you fixed in the orginal version need to be reported to BBM issue tracker on GitHub

Recipe Changes

You are welcome to change recipes so the mod fits your theme and progression in the modpack. We ask however you make sure your users know what changes you made. This can be done through a wiki for the modpack or short desc. on the download page for the modpack.

Public Modpacks

Public modpacks are any collection of mods & files that can be accessed from the web easily. This includes server only modpacks that have no whitelist or password for the download.


  • Solid core theme that doesn't change
  • Rights to distribute any files contained in the modpack.
  • No kitchen soup modpacks

How to keep your Permissions

  • Give credit to the team
  • Provide a link to the mod page
  • Maintain your modpack
  • Handle bugs before passing them to devs
  • Have permissions for other mods
  • Make no profit off the pack
  • Follow Minecraft EULA

AT Launcher Modpacks

We request that you use our adfly links to help support the development of the mods.

Rules & Requirements

Same as public modpacks

Please look at to know how to do downloads via browser.

Curse Launcher Modpacks

Make sure to use the offical curse downloads for the mods.

Rules & Requirements

Same as public modpacks

Private Modpacks

A private modpack is any pack you give to your buddies. That is not downloaded from a website and can't be accessed by random users.

Rules & Requirements

You can do what ever you want so long as you follow the general public pack rules. Though we care less how you design the modpack or make's theme. However, keep in mind there is a fine line between public and private modpacks. If you pack goes over a set number of users, say 40, then its honestly just a public modpack with a whitelist.

Server Modpacks

In order for a modpack to be considered server only it needs to have a restricted download so only server members can access the files.

Rules & Requirements

Same as public modpacks excluding theme, and mod restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you give out global permissions for all mods you make?

Normally we don't unless a modpack team has created several well-made packs

Why the rules?

The main idea is to ensure the quality of the user's experience. You can blame modpacks that have abused the usage of our mods for these rules.

What is a kitchen soup pack?

Generally, it's a modpack that has about every mod shoved in creating a 200+ mod setup.

Why single out kitchen soup packs?

There is a list of reason why we don't support these kinds of packs. The mains ones are no theme, compatibility issues, gameplay loss, performance nightmares, and lack of maintenance by the pack author. Not may pack authors can properly put together a very large modpack with a cluster of different themed mods.

Do donations count as profit?

The short answer is no. The long answer is there are rules defined by organizations for what counts as a donation and how to use donations. Mainly donations need to be used only for the support of the modpack. This can be just about anything but normally is hiring developers to fix bugs, commissioning art for the pack, commissioning mods for the pack, renting servers, paying for services(IRC cloud, Github, skype, file servers). Normally donations should not be used for the modpack creators personal needs. Such as buying toys, games, books, personal services(Pandora, Xbox Live), or in other words things that have not effect on the modpack/users.

Does adfly count as profit?

This one is in muddy waters. Personally, we at BBM say "no sites like adfly do not count as profiting from a mod" this is as long as its treated like a donation. That being said you will need to make sure each mod author is ok with the usage of adfly for the entire pack.

Do mod authors really have control over modpacks?

If the modpack contains files created by the mod author then yes. This the same idea as a game company controlling who can install their games. Even the Minecraft EULA has a similar rule preventing the distribution of their files.

Mojang said that mod authors should share their mods in the MC EULA.

Not really, Mojang was implying in a very indirect way they need access to upload/download map data. As well other files that are required for the game to function.

Can we sell items on our servers only modpacks?

In almost all cases no. However, if you plan to sell cosmetic only items you need to come talk to us. At which point we will lay down the requirements and explain what is allowed under the MC EULA.